We are back!

OK, we admit it, it’s been a while. But there were few things going on in our life. First we ran out of the Internet. Who would have thought, that this can happen in today’s day and age. But turns out long winter nights and Netflix will do it. While we were sorting it all out with Bell, it seems like we lost the momentum.
Then something way more exciting happened. We found out that there will be a new member coming to our family this September. And let me tell you, that changes your everyday routine a lot.
Between constant napping, figuring out which room will be emptied and turned into a nursery, picking the best thing to wish for on your baby shower registry, panicking about the possibility of totally screwing up this kid when he grows up, few adjustments needed to be made.
Also the whole summer thing, just snuck up on us, and all of a sudden we (well, some of us) are racing!
So we are back! We will update you on our new adventures through the summer, finish the Australian Story  and definitely overload you with cuteness once the Baby Triathlete is finally here. 

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