runningOk, it is that time of the year again. Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving, and Running World magazine opened their challenge. Published under hashtag RWRunStreak, on social media, it somewhat became a tradition in the runners community.

Rules are really simple, and if you don’t trust me in explaining it, you can check out their website yourself. But it is really just what it sounds like: you have to run every day from American Thanksgiving (November 26, or also known as today) until New Years Day (January 1). Minimum is a mile, so you do have to run 1.64km for it to count. You can not break a streak, and you actually have to run (no substitutions for a spin or swim session, triathlete friends). Experts also do not recommend to use it as “get back into shape” routine and suggest to attempt it only if you have been running regularly about 6 weeks prior to the start of the challenge.That is pretty much it. It runs on the honour system, but do not worry, all the turkey weight will tell who cheated in January.

We tried it last year and I could not wait for it to start again.Alex ended up completing the challenge, and I gave up on day 13 due to an injury. We mostly did a mile loop of our neighborhood (we actually had a 3 opinions, just to keep it different) and checked out all the decorations that people added to their front lawns. It was a fun break after the day at work and busyness of holidays.

Every time I tell someone about Run Streak, they get excited thinking that running a mile a day will allow them to eat anything they want during the season. That is actually a lie. First time I went out, I thought I worked very hard, but when I plugged in my Garmin watch, to see how many calories I burned. I was sure that I used up at least a 1000! My watch hesitated between 0 and 50, and I am sure it gave me 50 out of pity, thinking “she tried”. So what is 50 calories? According to a quick google search – a half of an apple or banana. Half! First of all, what was the last time you saw someone munching on an apple around Christmas time? That is my point.

So in no way it is meant to be as a way to help you lose or prevent your holiday belly. It is done more for fun, and, I am sure, for sake of keeping your sanity. It is very easy to skip a workout during the holidays, thinking that you will go tomorrow, or after your family goes back home. It is easy to do when you hosting people from all over the country, it is easy to follow when you are away: all you need is 15 minutes of time and some motivation. You can do it on a tread mill, on a street, at a high school track or some people even ran in the airport, according to some urban legends.

Anyways, I am on my way to complete mine, and Alex already ran his. Moreover, it is +13 in GTA, you do not have any excuses, and you should just try it. Feel free to share your experiences in comment box below.

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