sports drinkSomehow, I missed a lot of things in my childhood. Turns out, that by the age of 26 I’ve never tried a popsicle, TV dinner or an energy drink. When it came to working out, even though Alex has a full shelf in the pantry designated just for you sports nutrition (when you train as much as he does, your proteins and pre-workouts become just as important as milk and flour), I was ok with the tap water  and two cookies (one before and one after).But this Wednesday Alex prepared my bottles for the truck workout, and I did have a bit of a surprise when I took a sip.

From what I remember of Alex’s bodybuilding days, sports drinks have to be disgusting, or they aren’t considered good for you, so when I took my first sip I cringed “that’s not water…” And mentally prepared myself for a miserable run. When I asked Alex about what was in the bottle and he told me it was a “fruit punch”, I did make a mental note that the athletes do not know what fruit punch taste like.

I probably waited until at least two laps into my actual workout, not just the warm-up and stuff before the going back to that so called fruit punch. But I had to drink and I did not have any other options.

I think it was a third or fourth sip  when I could understand why I dislike the drink at first.  It was not a sugary as the fruit punch I was used to from my lunchbox years. I learned later that the drink I actually got was called “tri-berry “.  Surprise-surprise, it tasted exactly like three berries (blueberry blackberry and raspberry) would taste like if you got them together and squished into a half inch tablet. And then I remembered those third-grade posters that come up on Facebook from time to time, showing little bags of sugar under our favorite drinks and I felt much better about the triathletes “fruit punch”.

After all, I did end up drinking more than I usually would. And I wish I was more experienced in that field to tell the difference in my performance and well-being. However, I did not feel as beat up as last time I ran 16 times around the high school track. I do not know if that count. But that could also be a result of my improved fitness.Hey, I am getting better… Slowly…

However, the website says that it’s supposed to replenish the electrolytes you lose through sweating, which is clearly a good thing and what matters in my world is the fact that it taste better than water. It does come in these flavors according to the Internet:

  • Citrus fruit
  • Fruit punch
  • Grapes
  • Cola Cola
  • Lemon and lime
  • Lemonade
  • Orange
  • Strawberry lemon
  • Tri-berry
  • Tropical fruit
  • Watermelon

Just like that brief period of time with egg shaped lip balms,  I am determined to try them all. If you are looking for something new you should try it one of these nuun tablets. Or just feel free to share your experience of trying something new in the comment box below.

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