In the first month of our apartment life, about 5 years ago we decided to take a cat. But our lease agreement clearly stated “No kids, no pets, nothing else that can damage hardwood floors” so we got a fish. Then we bought a house, but it needed new powder room, kitchen and massive reno in the basement. How can you do all that work with a cat chasing after your ankles. Sure, we still did not finish the basement or changed the  kitchen cabinets, but we finally gave in to the cat-videos propaganda.

Grisou the CatProbably it would have taken us another 15 years to get to that perfect moment when we are ready to adopt a pet. We are barely home, and when we are, we have university work and bunch of Alex’s sport committees.Usual excuses, really, but about a month ago, my co-worker saw a Facebook post about someone giving kittens away.While it did not work out with that particular “cat dealer” the wheels started spinning, and PetSmart Charity’s page never looked so cute. After a week of looking we were heading for Hamilton/Burlington SPCA.

We were not sure which cat we will get, or whether we would even come back with a pet (Alex is sort of allergic to some of them), but we went to check it out. At one point we thought we picked a kitten, but really, who are we to say anything – a kitten picked us. From the second we put him in the carrier until we opened the box at home he screamed from the top of his lungs, like he did not like us at all. He walked around the home checking it all out, pretending like the shelter cage was way better than our townhouse. But he purred…. and that was only thing that mattered. He was happy.Cat is getting used to his house

It was a process of getting used to each other. There were days when we probably almost killed the poor thing (figuring out how to feed him), there were days when he made me cry (try sleeping when someone walks on you for 8 hours), but there is more days when we feel like he does like us no matter what. Now we cuddle at night, and he knows that at 5 pm it’s time to calm down and watch one episode of something, he knows to wait while we make dinner, and then he will get his can of food while humans sit at the table. He runs around the kitchen while we cook (you do not know how much fun you can get out of an onion or potato), and we all chase him in the living room before the bedtime.

It only has been a month or so, but we can not imagine how we lived in our quiet home before. He filled it with life and chaos, and now… myay, we have a cat!

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