Kangaroo PowerAt the end of June 2015, I raced the “Mine over Matter” event. It is an off-road triathlon in Milton, Ont.  For those
who do not know, an off-road triathlon consists of a swim, some mountain biking and a trail run.  That particular race is special to me for a single reason that I have been doing it since the first edition and saw it growing to become the Canadian National Championship. Every year I also saw the number of participants getting bigger and bigger.

For the past few years, since it became the National Championship, there were 10 spots by division  for the ITU (International Triathlon Union) Cross Triathlon Worlds Championship. This year we were competing for a spot in 2016 competition that will take place in Australia.

It has been few years that I am racing and I did qualify for  a few world championships. With my results, I could have went to Edmonton, Germany, Italy and Austria.

When I started getting faster, I started hearing about World Championship for the age groupers and I got interested in it.  I was not the fastest (and I am still not), so I was worried about the challenge to qualify for such an event.  One great advice that I got from a veteran triathlete is just race the qualifiers as a normal race, beca
use there is always a way to make it to the worlds even if you don’t qualify (i.e. the roll down or the charity spots).  The same athlete told me to be patient and wait until a Championship took place in a country that I was interested in discovering and not jump on the first opportunity.

Couple weeks before the race they said that the World Championship would be in Australia. Turned out that without realizing it I like Australia a lot: my favorite cycling team is from there, a lot of pro triathletes are australian and, well, I think that kangaroos are interesting animals (but who does not?). In the same time, when I crossed the finish line my wife told me: “Let’s go to Australia next year!”.  Being tired from the race I was not sure if she was serious, but I said “OK” anyways. However, in the next few weeks we started to really talk about it and we decided that we would really go.
After getting a second job and a vacation approval from my my main employer, I’m happy to announce that I will be wearing the Canadian uniform in November 2016 at the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship.  So keep following us to see our journey towards the Worlds and everything in between.

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