I wish we could remove one word out of the fitness, or even active lifestyle world. Iif it was up to me it would be the word JUST. I don’t like hearing people saying: “oh, I just ran 5k” or “I’m just doing the sprint distance tri”.

There are two reasons that I believe we shouldn’t use that word. First, a 5km run or even walk is better than nothing. By getting off the couch and get moving you are better than a lot of people or you’re also improving yourself. Even if it is a short distance it is possible to challenge yourself by working on your speed or that short session could be perfect to work on technique.

Second, think about the others around you. I’m part of a tri club and we have beginners to world championship level athletes. Think about how the newer athlete who had worked all summer with that goal of finishing their first sprint distance race would feel when someone with more experience comes and says: “I might register for just an olympic distance tri to finish the season”. Well, that one word might have put the rookie’s morale down by diminishing his goal.

So next time you talk about being active, or racing or fitness, please don’t use the word JUST.

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