Joyride150So if you live in Canada, just like us, or right now you are in the colder months of the year keeping your bike fitness can be challenging. From icy roads to the small amount of sunlight and specially the boredom that comes with riding inside on a trainer, all the reasons are there to let the bikes accumulate dust during the winter.  Past couple years I was able to motivate myself and was passing quite a bit of the time on the trainer watching movies or doing intervals (I will write another blog about how I make my choices later) but every the spring even though my fitness was there, my riding skills were a bit rusty.  Last year I finally found the solution!

Joyride150 is the paradise for cyclists, they have everything!  Every kind of rider from all levels of abilities are welcome.  Seriously, anyone from PanAm games winner to your XGame competitor and the 3 year old “rookie” will find something for themselves. They have a street section and a giant room with ramps for the bmx.  They have two pump tracks, four jump lines (one for every levels). There is a foam pit and a resi section ramp. It is just beside, so you can progress from the foam to the resi before heading on the real wood ramp (which they also have for the more advance riders).  

Personally, the two sections that interest me the most are the cross country loop on which you will find some up- and downhill, many obstacles in the form of rocks, ramps and tight turns and you get to see the whole park; and the skinnies. For people not familiar with the term skinnies, these are small lines created by logs or small bridges and you need to keep your balance riding through them.  They have almost an infinite amount of options, since they are all crossing each other and there is some available for every level.  If ride a full lap of the cross country loop and one skinny you will have completed one km.

There is also a little learning section which is great for the little kids or the beginners.   They have a shop with everything a rider needs from bike rentals, snacks, helmets, apparel and accessories.  Also, they have  a section with picnic tables, lockers and tools to do quick repairs on your own (you can ask one of their mechanic for help, if you are not sure what you are doing).

December 29th was my 4th time there and I wish we lived closer.  The day pass costed us $28, which is very not expensive if you compare it to a ski pass (or even movie with a snack at the theatre) and you can easily pass the whole day there.  The advantage of going in a place like that is that you get to practice your skills over and over. Also the atmosphere is amazing there, and the other riders are quite friendly, usually offering their help if they see that you are having a hard time.  The only down side of Joyride150 is how popular it is after lunch. It gets really crowded and sometimes the younger cyclists don’t know the bike etiquette.  However, Joyride150 is always a great place to visit, even when very busy, because you get to move on two wheels during the winter months which beats playing the hamster game on my trainer in the basement.

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