triathlon club sweater tcobIf you go to any race, big or small, in your area you will most likely see athletes and spectators wearing some triathlon club’s colors. They are all dressed up in the matching outfits, most likely hanging out together under a tent that has their name and logo on the top. They always look like a team, even if triathlon is for sure an individual sport. You considered it too, but never really could truly tell yourself why would you need to join a club?

Why would you join a triathlon club?

First, it is the motivation to get out of the door. I’m sure there are some days where you don’t feel like training, but knowing that you have a group like-minded people waiting for you at a certain time is a great motivation to grab your gear and go.

Second, if you are not sure which next race to do or need advice on picking your next racing gear? Ask a fellow member! Triathletes like to share their experiences (really, if they did not, you would not be reading this), and most of them will be happy to give you an advise.

Third, is coaching. Most clubs have one or few coaches who lead the workouts. It’s great to show up to a track workout, for example,  and just follow the instructions instead of trying to plan each session yourself. I usually base my training week during the summer around my favorite club workouts. Even if you can be your own coach, like me, it is nice to have a person to go to when you are questioning your schedule or not sure how to fix a problem.

And last, is the friendly competition between members that can help you find new limits, but makes sure it is friendly and safe. It was a member of my club who proved to me that my “fast” on the track could actually be faster by running beside me and pacing me to a new personal best.

How do you join a triathlon club?

I believe there are two good ways to find a club.  First, is word of mouth.  It is probably the easiest way to know how a club is run and what is the atmosphere.  And if you do not know any triathletes, you could check your provincial or national triathlon organisation’s website. They usually have a list of the registered clubs and a link to their websites.  The nice thing about finding a triathlon club through an association is that the all the registered clubs are legitimate, have proper insurance and meet the criteria set by authorities of the sport.  

There are a lot of clubs out there and picking one depends on what kind of person you are, what are your goal and  also how far do you have to travel to go their workouts or if their workouts schedule fit with yours?

There is a ton of benefits of joining a club and right now is the time to do so! The spring workouts are just starting, the clubs will head outside and the motivation is high. You don’t want to miss all the fun! If you have few clubs that you are interested in, just contact them, and ask if you could come to one or two of their workouts, just to get the feel of the atmosphere. Do not be shy, after all you are looking for a group that makes you motivated and you want to make sure that you fit in.

We both are a part of the Triathlon Club of Burlington, and we love it. What started from me joining it because we live nearby, turned into a relationship that we would want to keep, even if we moved away from the town. I think by now, every member of our family was a member of the club at one point in time, and I still keep “recruiting”. That is a great example of how we found something that fits us. So if you are still looking for that group of like-minded people, remember, they are out there!

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