bike wheel with gearLong time ago, when Alex just started racing, we used to look at the transition zone rack in his category to assess his chances. At the time he had a Rocky Mountain road bike with standard set of wheels and entry level aero bars. Compared to those fancy disks and time trial bicycles, it did not look very intimidating. However, since he raced few try-a-tries at the beginning, there were also few hybrids and mountain bikes which made us feel a bit positive.

Almost everyone, catches themselves thinking at least once that they would need a faster bike or a special shoes to be better at some particular leg of the sport. While technology truly helps in a lot of aspects, the biggest difference is actually made by the human himself.

You can buy the fastest bike and the fanciest aero helmet, but you can not buy the strong legs. Only hours of training and loads of dedication can get you a pair of these. Therefore, before the season sneaks up on you, make sure you get the most of your winter months, and get yourself in your best shape for the triathlon season.

At the end of the day, weekend racing series, are still a competition of human strength and not a battle of the best technologies your sponsors can get you. You are competing to prove your abilities to yourself, not to win medals (don’t get me wrong, even I secretly dream about getting a medal, but that is not the only goal in these races). You are competing to be able to say “I did my best today” and not to let the latest gear take that from you. So next time, you get to the race site, place your old running shoes proudly under the rack. Your hard work got you there and nothing else.

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