First of all, I apologize  to those of  you who expected some sort of spiritual, yoga-like message here. Did not mean to disappoint you, but we will be talking about these fancy shoes that just clip into your bike pedals. I promise, I will try to get a yoga post sometime soon.

So few weeks ago, I finally worked up enough courage to try clipping into my bike. Seriously, seems like everyone around me has these special pedals and shoes. My husband, his whole family, and even their families so you get the idea…

I got the shoes few years ago, during one my short lived attempts to join the gym. Later on, when gym didn’t work out, I asked for the pedals once Christmas, thinking I would cycle to work in the summer. But that didn’t work as well, since I got a commission based sales job, and you kind of need your car to get to the clients. I do not know why, but people do not want to buy things from sweaty sales reps that take hours to get to their office. Plus, I really missed the bicycle itself (hint-hint triathlete husband). So focused on other things.

Up until last month, I thought that being attached to your bicycle by your feet did not feel overly safe. On the outer hand, after constantly slipping off my pedals during the triathlon race, I was no longer sold on being “free”.

Honestly, it turned out that it was not too bad. It’s not like my feet were screwed onto the pedals. Unclipping was really easy and, minus almost falling over few times because I only detached one (also the wrong one) foot, I didn’t do so bad.

I have those mountain bike clips, that let you walk almost normally, and this is what I would recommend to anyone starting out. Since I do tons of research and clinical trials before I even think of attempting anything new, I tried out both types of clips on the trainer, and the SPD  type was way easier to get in and out. They are made for the mountain bike, so I guess it does have something to do with having to detach from your iron carbon horse quickly.

Aparently, you supposed to install your bike on the indoor trainer, or at least grass, and try to clip and unclip each foot at least 30-40 times. That does sound way safer than going through the closet and stumbling upon the clip-shoes “these look cute, I could wear them for a ride with friends today and impress them”. But, I guess I will have to do that next time.

But seriously, if you haven’t tried it, you should! They are not as scary as they seem.

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