book Today is a Thursday, and we just celebrated our 8th anniversary of our first date, so what would be a better day to remember our honeymoon. But let’s go back few month before that. Many of you in the world of triathlon, will remember that ad campaign by a bicycle company, that showed a beautiful couple getting married in the old classic church with a brand new bike between them. While Alex’s eyes light up as a Christmas tree, since I am sure this was his idea of the dream wedding, big flashing “NO WAY” sign went up in my head. So while I got it my way and we did not have any bicycles at the wedding, I surely could not push my luck as far as bike-free week in Mexico.

So “Bike Tribes” became our vacation book. While it started off as something that only Alex could read on the beach, him laughing and constantly pointing out that yet another sentence is just “so true” made me read it as well.

Lots of people either love it or hate it, since it does tend to be built on stereotypes and generalisations. While stereotyping is bad, isn’t it is exactly what the comedians do every day, and we still pay lots of money to see their shows?    

In a series of anecdotes, “Bike Tribes” describe the all different types of cyclists in any North American city. While it is very funny to a person inside that world when they come across themselves or their friends on the pages on the book, an outsider also finds it amusing. Well, as much as I could be considered an outsider 3 years ago.

Tbookhere are few sports books and even just the things online, that everyone in Alex’s family finds very funny, because they have some sort of context information that I do not know anything about. But the “Bike Tribes” are based on everyday situations and people that we see around us daily, so I think everyone who does not take things too personally can enjoy this book.

Also, the design of the book is very nice. It is a hardcover, with is outside made of heavy cardboard. Pages are printed on heavy stock paper, and the illustrations are well made in the orange hues. So if nothing else, it looks good on your shelf.

Personally, I enjoyed the book, and if you did not read it yet, you should consider picking up the “Bike Tribes” from Amazon.

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