Here you see our 2016 racing season at one glance.

Alex’s Races:

April 24 – Paris to Ancaster

June 25 – “Mine” over Matter

July 17 – Niagara Sprint Triathlon

August 14 – Steelhead 70.3

September 24 – Fall Epic 8 Hours

October 1 – Run for the Toad

November 22 – ITU World Cross Triathlon Championship


Yulia’s Races:

June 18Guelph Lake I Try-a-Try

August 7 – Iron Girl Canada Sprint Triathlon

Let’s start with Yuliana’s schedule since it is shorter and much simplier. Our goal will be to create a good base in all three sports from January to April. What I mean is that we will try to get into a routine and get used to swim, bike and run regularly. We will also work on her overall strength but focus on the legs and core. From there, we will work on the tri training by working on her speed and hopefully train mostly outside. After Guelph Lake I we will most likely take couple days off, before trying to slowly increase the distance in the three sports until the IronGirl triathlon, which is double the distance that she is used to. This type of schedule let us add races if she wants to, but also allows us to enjoy the summer.

For Alex, this racing season will be very different from all the previous years. There are two major reasons for that. First, he will attempt his first Half Ironman and second, well, he will need to be in really good shape at the end of November, not in a hibernation mode.

From January to the end of March Alex will work on building volume and base in the three sports concentrating to stay mostly in the aerobic zone. In April, he will be getting ready for Paris to Ancaster race by riding a lot outside and hopefully going off road couple times. If the weather doesn’t cooperate he will probably visit the Joyride150 couple of times during the winter.

From May Alex will get into tri mode where he will work on speed, transition and also will start swimming outside. At the end of June Alex will race “Mine” over Matter even and hope for a good result. In the first half of the year, Alex’s schedule is the same as previous years. But in the second half, he will increase the volume in the three sports to get ready for the Half-Ironman distance. He will also pay more attention to nutrition and maybe positioning on the bike since he will double or triple the distance in each sports. On July 17, Alex will compete in a Sprint  triathlon, but mostly to test his fitness level and position. He will try his best, but he will train through it.

August 14, will be Alex’s first Half Ironman distance and this will be quite a new challenge for him. After that he is planning to take 7-10 days easy to fully recover to be able to get ready for the second half of his season. Right now Alex is planning to race an 8 hour mountain bike race as part of a “tag team” on September 24 and the weekend after to participate for the first time in a trail run. After that he will try to stay motivated and keep training (kind of hard when all your teammates are done racing) and we will leave for Australia mid-November to go race the ITU Cross Triathlon  World Championship.

So follow us through the year and see how our season will go and in which kind of adventures we will get ourselves into.